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Lyndon Morgan


Lyndon Morgan is the CEO of MoMusic, LLC. He was born July 2, 1997, in a small town in Arkansas. Lyndon comes from a musical family. His father, Joseph Morgan along with his two brothers, Lynn and Zamar have been musically inclined for the majority of their lives so naturally, the gift flowed through Lyndon as well. The excitement of seeing his family play instruments and enjoy their craft caused Lyndon to cultivate his musical talents at an early age. With the prayers and motivation of his mother Dianne Morgan he never gave up. 


Personal Profile

Lyndon started playing drums around the age of 5 and the keyboard at age 11. In his late teens, Lyndon had an opportunity to play the keyboard for a local church in Texas, Transformation Center Intl under the leadership of Apostle Dennis Cook. Along side fellow band members Andre Simmons Franklin (whom he traveled with and still does) and Kristy Atkins he grew more in his playing and ability to flow and carry a service on his own. As time went by he began to travel with Brandy Ross who taught him traditional gospel hymns. Those teachings then caused him to play alongside well-known Artists including Bishop Rance Allen, LeAndria Johnson, and many others. 


In 2020 Lyndon blended his passion for the musical arts as well as his collection of instruments, partnering with a team of equipped producers, musicians, and songwriters to birth MoMusic, LLC bringing Mo to the world through music.


Lyndon know resides in Longview Texas. Currently he is the Minister of Music at the Unity Tabernacle church under the leadership of Pastor Vondrick Lawson and Bishop Stanley Lawson. He continues to grow and expand his musical abilities as well as travel the United States sharing his musical gifts. 


MoMusic provides all musical needs from backline (equipment rental and installation) for live performances, studio sessions, producing, and music lessons. Since launching MoMusic, Lyndon and his partners have hosted and suppled equipment for numerous events and have a mission to expand their services nationwide.

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